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Hello, Selenators! The new campaign of Coach x Selena Gomez has been launched and we have the first photos from the photoshoot. Selena looks beautiful as always. Check out the outtakes below.

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Advertisements & Campaigns > Coach > The Coach Holiday 2017 Campaign (Photoshoot)

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Today I managed to find something that you’ll like. What I’ve added to the gallery is greater than I thought. I found so much EXCLUSIVE pictures of Selena’s photoshoots, taken in 2016. Some of them are tagged, some not (the untagged photos took a lot to find, so please credit us if you use). Check below what’s been updated.

013~538.jpg SeA9uv-qExE.jpg ffeuEuD0qGM.jpg cl8YL5H9IIw.jpg Selena_Gomez_-_THR_2016-05.jpg

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Photoshoots > Photoshoots in 2016 > Vogue Australia x9

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After a few months of no updates, I decided to re-open the site because I really miss it. I’m adding every photo that is missing from the gallery. I started with the photoshoots and you can see them below. Hope you enjoy and visit the site again! <3

010~445.jpg 005~574.jpg 003~676.jpg 005~581~0.jpg selena-instagram-june-03.jpg

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Photoshoots > 2017

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